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Having sleepless nights? Check this out.

published4 months ago
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If you have been in business for any time, I bet you have had a sleepless night or two.

In this week's episode, Justin talks about how he embraces the sleepless nights and that:

Life is happening for him instead of to him!

One of Justin's main points is that it doesn't matter how successful you are.

When you are a creative entrepreneur trying to grow your brand, reach more people, and make a more significant impact, sleepless nights happen to everyone, even the most successful.

The truth is no one has this all figured out.

There's never that perfect person who's figured it all out, who doesn't lose sleep, who doesn't stress about something.

But this is where growth comes from. It comes from getting uncomfortable!
And when you're uncomfortable, sometimes it's hard to sleep.

Justin points out how we need to decide when our rock bottom moment is.

We define it, and we can say, "Today is my rock bottom moment."

If you're going through something really tough, declare: "This is my rock bottom moment."

That doesn't mean bad things aren't going to happen again.

But what it means is that you are no longer going to allow those outside circumstances to change who you are.

When you sign that contract with yourself, that you're going to be okay, it's going to make it a little bit easier for you.

But sleepless nights are just part of the game, and we should embrace them more.

Be like, you know what? I'm a little stressed out right now, and I didn't sleep that great the other night, but that's okay.

It's not a shameful thing, and many people view it as a bad thing or that I'm so stressed out that I can't sleep.

But It's okay! It's part of growing and being uncomfortable. You got this!

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